Russian Seasons

Anastasia KolegovaAnastasia Kolegova

Principal dancer of the Russian Seasons Ballet

Anastasia Kolegova was born February 9, 1982 in Cheliabinsk. She graduated from the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet.

Since 2004 – She has been the leading soloist of the Russian Seasons Ballet.
She is the Laureate of many international ballet competitions. During her career Anastasia toured many countries in the world including Japan, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, and other Eastern European countries.

Giselle (Мyrtha);
The Sleeping Beauty (Lilac Fairy);
Swan Lake (Big Swans, Two Swans);
Don Quixote (Queen Dryad, Variation from IV act);
Balanchine´s Apollo (Calliope), La Valse (soloist).

In 2006 she joined the troupe of the famed Mariinsky Theater as a soloist.

Anastasia Kolegova was blessed with all of the qualities necessary to become an outstanding ballet dance. She possesses a superior ballet technique, beauty and special charm that enables this ballerina to stand out among others. Her expressive, graceful movements, and refined technique conquer the harts of ballet aficionados. She is able to transfer her emotions and positive energy to the audience. Anastasia stands out because she works very hard, has true persistence and is ever striving for perfection. She is always very will received by the balletomanes, art critics and press.

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